Glass art classes offered by Betty Turner, Owner


This Little Light

Saturday, the studio was bursting at the seams with the Teapot Diplomats, a group of special needs adults and children. They created 6x6 dishes to be auctioned for a holiday fundraiser.
It is always a joy to host this group. Above all, This is what I am supposed to be doing.
Art Heals
Art is a Bridge
Art Speaks

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Dana is enjoying her day off from the studio. Eating leaves and chasing her ball are priorities for today. Happy Sunday Everyone. ...

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This Absolutely Amazing Blessing came to the studio yesterday! Just when you think you've seen it all, God smiles even brighter than before. Generosity and kindness abounds! I am touched beyond words. Just one more confirmation that we are on the right path at This Little Light. Thank you from the depths of my heart! You know who you are. ...

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Woodworking Classess offered by Maya Papaya Ifeanyi